Title: Deep Velvet. This captures continuous flow, like flames, with the potential to create more substantive form. 


Title: Urban Seed. A block of flats surrounded by hedges and trees. There is a sweeping arc of plant like blades and the almost sinister outline of poles and phone lines. Then there are the three towering abstract tress, covered in geometric markings, Triffids in a benign urban landscape.
Three Colours Blue 2018 Marlowe
Title: Three Colours Blue. The viewer needs to look for the dividing line between colours which are similar but different. Sometimes we see something and we think it is clear and well defined, but other times it is blurred and indistinguishable.
Title: Sunflower, Leaf and Berries. The leaves and berries sit or weigh on the sunflower, distorting the perfection and symmetry. The canvas has a vibrancy, tempting people to touch, as we also tend to do with nature.