Medusa and The Devil – out 23rd May 2023!

If You’re a Fan of Guy Richie and Fargo, this Dynamic New Comedy Thriller Will Tick all the Boxes and More

In this second instalment of the Mason Made trilogy,  Essex rogue Steven Mason has decamped to the Mediterranean, to escape his low life gangster world and start afresh. Keeping his head down whilst still laundering money for his old boss, Steven’s plans go awry when a former associate turns up and asks him to retrieve an unassuming ivory sculpture.  As the story unfolds and Steven unexpectedly finds himself embroiled in an illegal immigration case, his attention turns to more pressing issues – being buried six feet under but still breathing.

Fast paced and gritty, Medusa and The Devil is a standout second instalment of Simon Marlowe’s comedically dark Mason Made thriller trilogy.

Offering a dynamic plot line that will resonate with those keen on Guy Richie’s storytelling style, Simon Marlowe’s low life rogue Steven Mason enthrals with his illegal antics and a roguish twinkle that makes him one of the most compelling protagonists of recent years.

Steven Mason is six feet under. The only problem? He’s not dead.

After escaping from the doom and gloom of low-life gangsterism on a rundown Essex housing estate, Steven had hoped to pursue a new life in the Mediterranean. But his former world of corruption and greed is not so easily set aside, and he is drawn into yet another nefarious job.

Now, trapped with no means of escape, he is left to ponder why he keeps being drawn closer and closer to Hell.

Medusa and The Devil – Available from Amazon, WH Smiths, Waterstones, Foyles and other online retailers !

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